Amanda Callaway
Gender Female
Profession FBI Agent
Rank Special Agent in Charge
Specialty White Collar Crimes

Portrayed By Emily Procter
First Appearance The Original
Last Appearance In the Wind
Episode Count 2 episodes
Images of Calloway

Amanda Callaway is a "highly ambitious and pragmatic" Assistant Special Agent in Charge assigned to the New York White Collar Division.

Character ProfileEdit

Calloway is assigned to the New York White Collar division after the forced retirement of Reese Hughes. She previously ran the Atlanta White Collar division. Calloway likes above-board results, quick high-profile wins and describes herself as taking an involved approach with her agents. She wishes to make New York White Collar "the pride of the Bureau again".

After seeing Peter & Neal in action she seems to soften her view of keeping everything "above board" as long as it doesn't blow back on her.

It is also revealed that Callaway was linked to Senator Pratt. She didn't like Peter and Neal meddling in the evidence box issue. She commands her officers to arrest Neal and James on sight, but Peter intervenes. She arrests Peter for the murder of Pratt.

In the season 5, Diana said the job of Special Agent in Charge of the White Collar Division had been unoccupied for a long time, indicating that Callaway had retired or had been arrested for the illegal activities she had committed with Senator Pratt.


Terrence PrattEdit

Once she learns that the high-res scanner Neal used to image the 50th floor in the Empire State Building, she immediately calls Senator Pratt.

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