Amy Harris
Gender Female
Profession Executive Assistant
Status Alive

Portrayed By Laura Ramsey
Season(s) 6
First Appearance Uncontrolled Variables
Last Appearance Uncontrolled Variables
Episode Count 1

Executive Assistant to Harold Grant, CEO of Atlas Technologies.

Amy was born in Iowa, and has lived in New York for six years.

Because of her position in the office, Matthew Keller figured she was the exploitation point for his heist of something called the Exodus File. He brought in Neal Caffrey who found a better way. In the course of the con, Amy falls in love with Neal, and is implicated in the theft of information.

While Neal did not want to cause her harm, he found a way for Amy to return the stolen media and accelerate her position. Instead of doing so, she returned the media and quit.

Amy Harris was portrayed by Laura Ramsey.

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