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Compromising Positions
Season 4 · Episode 07
August 28, 2012 (2012-08-28)

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Compromising Positions is the 7th episode of Season 4 of the series and the 53rd produced episode.


When a criminal Peter arrested hires a high-powered political fixer to sabotage the trial, Peter and Neal must take on this brilliant but devious opponent who maintains a lawful facade.


Neal and Peter pursue the conviction of a corrupt developer, enlisting the help of Mozzie and Sara. Getting in the way of their target is a sharp woman who works as a fixer for several clients, including Sara's company. Meanwhile, Neal meets with Sam, a friend of the late Ellen's who tells Neal about a conspiracy that involves several higher-ups in law enforcement.


"45 years ago, an enigma gave a paradox a very special hug."


For Starring Cast, see Season 4#Credits.

Guest StarringEdit


  • Grace Abbott as Delancy's Girlfriend

Filming LocationsEdit

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