Among other things, Mozzie is a conspiracy theorist and as such has come up with numerous theories. Below is a listing of some of his theories.

From Burke's SevenEdit

After handing him a bundle of bendable straws:
Elizabeth: "You know, they do wash the glasses here."
Mozzie: "Oh yeah. Next you'll tell me that Paul McCartney wasn't replaced by a lookalike in 1966."

From Power PlayEdit

Mozzie: "Listen, uh, next time you're poking around classified files, see if you can find anything in the death of the electric car."
Peter: (Sarcastically) Sure, and I can throw in some stuff about crop circles."
Mozzie: "Yes! Oh, you're joking."
Peter: "Mozzie, the US Government is not conducting mind control experiments."
Mozzie: "Ha ha, that's what they've made you believe."

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