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Damian Young
Placeholder person
Name Damian Young
Birthplace Washington, DC
Birth Date (1900-01-01) January 1, 1900 (age 117)
Plays Stringer
Season(s) 4
Number of Episodes 0 episodes

Damian Young plays Stringer in White Collar.


Damian Young is an American stage, television and movie actor. He has appeared in the tv series Californiacation, Law & Order and Damages among others.



  • Hope Springs
  • Hello I Must Be Going
  • Edge of Darkness
  • Sex & the City


  • White Collar
  • Californiacation
  • Person of Interest
  • Law & Order
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • Damages
  • Numb3rs
  • As the World Turns
  • The Comeback
  • Pete and Pete

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