Dennis Flynn Jr
Gender Male
Profession Counterfeiter
Specialty Spirits
Status Deceased
Family Dennis Flynn Sr (father)

Portrayed By Scott Evans
First Appearance Vested Interest
Last Appearance Family Business
Episode Count 1 episode
Images of FlynnJr

Dennis Flynn Jr was a member of the Irish Mob and a whiskey counterfeiter. He hired Neal Caffrey and Mozzie to make him counterfeit bottles of whiskey so that he could sell them.

Character ProfileEdit

Dennis Flynn Jr is the son of Dennis Flynn sr an Irish mobster who dealt with Neals father James Bennett in the past after his father was arrested and died in prison flynn continued the family business by counterfeiting wisky. One day Senator Terrance Pratt a former dirty cop that was on the Flynns payroll reaches out to the younger Dennis and tells him that he has information on the people who took down his family Ellen Parker (Kathryn Hill) and James Bennett with this information Flynn goes after Ellen shoots and kills her. In the episode Gloves Off after Peter runs Samuel Phelps secretly James Bennett through the FBI database Flynn goes to his house and ransacks his apartment but luckily James managed to get away. He manages to find James in one of Mozzies safehousess (this was because Neal and the gang ran a con on the FBI to lure out Flynn) and beats him severkyy before Neal Rescues James Flynn however manages to escape but not before the FBI manages to ID him. The FBI plan to take him down by sending Neal undercover to counterfeit Wisky for him enter Peter who is pretending to be Conroy who used to work with the Flynns before the two families had a falling out. When Burke Found out that Dennis was about to have Neal and Moz killed by his henchmen he grabs Flynns gun and after a short fight he manages to subdue and arrest Dennis. however Pratt knowing that Flynns only option left in prison was to turn on him ordered him to be murdered during the prison transfer

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