"Ellen Parker"
White-collar-4x01-ellen-parker-cap-10 tn
Alias(es) Ellen Parker: Name given in Witness Protection
Kathryn Hill
Gender Female
Profession Police Officer (Formerly)
Rank Detective
Status Murdered

Portrayed By Judith Ivey (Elder)
Sprague Graydon (Younger/1981)
First Appearance Judgement Day
Last Appearance Gloves Off
Episode Count 7 episodes
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Ellen Parker, real name Kathryn Hill, was a former police officer and partner of Neal's father, James. She was killed in her apartment on Roosevelt Island soon after Neal returned to New York.

Character ProfileEdit

Not much was known about Ellen, aside from her history with Neal. It is, however, clear that she cared about Neal deeply.

Early LifeEdit

Ellen was born as Kathryn Hill and worked as a police officer until some time around 1979 to 1980. At that time, she arrested her partner James after he was found with the dead body of a police officer. Kathryn was placed in Witness Protection under the name Ellen Parker not long after the arrest, along with Neal Caffrey and his mother. She was like a mother to Neal, raising him until he was 18. She then finally told him the truth about his father being a corrupt cop and a murderer. Neal left for New York not long after.

Some time later, she reunites with Neal and meets Kate. Neal entrusted her with a Raphael painting, which she keeps until he retrieves it in 2012.

Season ThreeEdit

Ellen is introduced when the FBI discover her address in Neal's letters to Kate, and they assume that Neal has kept one of his alleged thefts there. Neal goes to her to retrieve a Raphael painting that he'd entrusted to Ellen, so that his four-year sentence wouldn't be extended. Ellen understands what Neal must do and gives him the painting. It is revealed later that she was a former cop. (Judgement Day)

Season FourEdit

After Neal returns to New York, Ellen meets up with him. After spending time with him, she discovers that Neal wanted to know more about his father, admitting that he wasn't ready to hear about him before. However, Ellen postponed their talk, telling Neal that it wasn't the right time.

Sometime later, she tells Neal that she has contacted an old friend, Sam, who worked undercover in the same precinct as she and Neal's father. She tells Neal that Sam may be able to help him more than she could, as she had been pulled off his father's case before she could learn anything substantial.

Shortly after that, Ellen and the two Marshalls protecting her were attacked. Before her last breath, Ellen managed to tell Neal to "trust Sam".


Neal CaffreyEdit

  1. Ellen raised Neal up until he was 18. Not much is known about their relationship, other than Neal entrusted her with a painting. Ellen knew Neal's father and helped Neal's mother raise her son.

There was a man named Sam. Neal is trying to look for him because before Ellen died she told him to find him.He had information about James, Neal's father.

Ellen was the partner of James up until she arrested him, finding him with the body of another cop. Again, not much is known about their relationship. Neal never had a relationship with his father but he thought his father was a hero until Ellen told him different.

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