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This article describes the filming locations by episode used for the production of White Collar, which are almost exclusively located in boroughs of New York City. Following is a list of filming locations whose respective pages provide a list of episodes or scenes recorded at that location.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: PilotEdit

Episode 2: ThreadsEdit

  • 620 Loft & Garden: as the setting for an outdoor party used to lure Ghovat
  • Bethesda Fountain, Central Park: as a meeting place for the FBI and Ghovat to exchange a dress for a hostage

Episode 3: Book of HoursEdit

Episode 5: The PortraitEdit

Episode 10: Vital SignsEdit

Episode 12: BottleneckedEdit

Season 2Edit

Episode 1: WithdrawalEdit

Episode 3: Copycat CaffreyEdit

Episode 4: By the BookEdit

Episode 6: In the RedEdit

Episode 10: Burke's SevenEdit

Episode 14: PaybackEdit

The park where neal gets the green ring to pay of Keller

Season 3Edit

Episode 15: Stealing HomeEdit

Season 4Edit

Main TitleEdit

Episode 6: Identity CrisisEdit

Episode 13: Empire CityEdit

  • The Cotton Club: is a Jazz club behind reopened by an ex-con and his brother.

Episode 14: Shoot the MoonEdit

Episode 15: The OriginalEdit

Episode 16: In the WindEdit

Season 5Edit

Episode 3: One Last StakeoutEdit

External SitesEdit

Season 6Edit

Episode 1: Borrowed TimeEdit

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