Original From First 7 EpisodesEdit

This main title sequence aired from Episode 1x02: Threads through Episode: 1x07: Free Fall 300px|right|1st Main Title

Old Title SequenceEdit

This main title sequence aired from Episode 1x08: Hard Sell through Episode 3x01: On Guard. 300px|right|2nd Main Title

New Museum SettingEdit

This main title sequence started airing with Episode 3x02: Where There's a Will through Episode 3x06: Scott Free. 300px|right|3rd Main Title

Return of Old Title SequenceEdit

On July 13, 2011, after the week-long voting on it's website closed, USA Network announced that due to popular fan demand the "old title sequence" would return for Episode 3x07: Taking Account through the remainder of Season 3. The sequence was updated to include all current cast members.

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