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McCann whiskey is very rare, with only 55 numbered bottles released each year. Due to the rarity, each bottle is worth $100,000. The bottles are hand-blown with “McCann – 1917” in relief on the glass.

After Neal Caffrey demonstrated his alcohol counterfeiting skills with a bottle of Shackleton, he was asked by Dennis Flynn Jr to counterfeit 55 bottles of McCann at Flynn’s micro-distillery.

Also prominent at Flynn’s bar, was a boxed bottle of Higgins Barrow 50, “Distilled, Blended & Bottled in Scotland”.

Real worldEdit

McCann is actually an Irish surname, implying that the fictional liquor is an Irish Whiskey.

Higgins is an English and Northern Irish surname, and Barrow is an English place name and surname. This implies that the fictional Higgins Barrow is a scotch blend produced by an English/Irish parent company.

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