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Below is a listing of aliases used by Neal Caffrey.

  • Nicholas "Nick" Halden: Gambler, Money Launderer
  • Neal Armstrong: Con man
  • Neal Bennett: Birth name
  • Danny Brooks: Name in WitSec
  • James Bonds: FBI case file nickname
  • Neal Caffrey: Mother's maiden name
  • Benjamin Cooper:Political Fixer
  • George Danvary: Business Man, Embezzler
  • George Donnelly: Gem/Antiquities Dealer, Treasure Hunter
  • George Devore: Art Collector, Art Forger, Fence
  • Chris Gates: Interpol Art Crimes Division
  • William Grey: Architect (Brass Tacks)
  • Dr. Leonard Parker: Doctor
  • James Maine: (si fueris Santa Maria)
  • Victor Moreau
  • Nicholas Monroe
  • Gary Rydell: Playboy, Fencer, Smuggler
  • Steve Tabernackle: International Playboy, Jet-setter, Investment Fraudster[1]
  • Frank Wellington Jr.: Fictional son of Frank Wellington

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