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Parting Shots

Parting Shots is the 4th episode of Season 4 of the series and the 50th produced episode.


Suspecting fraud, Neal and Peter investigate a beautiful widow who stands to inherit a massive life insurance policy. While undercover, Neal romances the widow and is surprised when the con turns real and he begins to have feelings for her.


While Neal is working with Sara to resolve an insider trading scandal, he encounters the perpetrator's widow and ends up saving her life. However, she gets caught in a pickle when her insurance settlement becomes susceptible to theft, thus requiring more undercover help from Neal. In the meantime, the good news is that Peter is finally reassigned to the White Collar division of the FBI after a short (one episode) stint working in the evidence department. The bad news is that Ellen gets shot after being recalled into Witness Protection, thus leaving Neal with even more unanswered questions.


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Guest StarringEdit


  • Blanchard Ryan as Poppy Mailer
  • Christopher Stadulis as Paramedic

Filming LocationsEdit