Phillip Kramer
Gender Male
Profession FBI Agent
Specialty Art Crimes
Status Alive

Portrayed By Beau Bridges
First Appearance On the Fence
Last Appearance Judgement Day
Episode Count 3 episodes
Images of Agent Kramer

Agent Phillip Kramer is Peter Burke's mentor and head of the FBI's Washington, DC Art Crimes unit.

Character ProfileEdit

Agent Kramer is a determined federal agent who is also the mentor of Peter Burke. He is introduced to the franchise on the episode, On the Fence. Being the head of the D.C. Art Crime unit, he adores Neal Caffrey's confidence tricks but he is determined to capture and make him work with the FBI Washington. Kramer is known to have a knowledge of an impressionist.

He is famous for using the phrase, "Once a con, Always a Con" when Peter and he was discussing about Neal's impressive skills and handy work which brought fame to the FBI. Kramer tries his best to bringout the Old Burke who looked at Neal as a criminal, not as a friend. He almost succeeded until the Degas was proven a fake.

Kramer hints out and tries to break the bond between Caffrey and Burke by saying to Neal that Peter doesn't consider him as much of a partner as he think.

Agent Kramer goes through Neal's old files to find evidence which will help to put down Neal and finds old letters between Caffrey & Kate Maroue which led to the theft of the Raphael. Caffrey was helped by Sara Ellis to escape the arrest of theft.

He considers Diana Barrigan who worked for FBI Washington as the only trusted agent on FBI New York. Though he shares his secret work and evidence against Neal with Diana, she spies out for Agent Burke.

Neal also tries to convince Peter that Agent Kramer is a bad influence towards him several times which is proven to be true at the season finale. In the last episode of Season 03, it reveals that Kramer is one of the main threats of Caffrey & his freedom and that he will do anything to arrest Neal.

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