Neal Caffrey - criminal, which has been a long dream of his. He isvery smart, educated, attractive,  funny, COOL. At the beginning of the series he agrees with the FBI to get out of jail, but on condition that he helps the investigation of the so-called white collar crimes - fraud, fraud and the like. To not run, put his GPS bracelet on his feet and stay in a cheap motel - as it would cost them in jail. With charm and cunning, he quickly finds a better place to live and cool clothes. Jump to envy him ...

In his spare time, the FBI, Neal tries to find the mysterious Kate - his ex-girlfriend, who is in the hands of a mysterious man with a ring. As Kate's view (though quite rare) Alexandra Daddario. The agent in charge of it, says Peter Burke. You play the best agent in your department and constantly outwitting Neal. Peter's wife says Elizabeth, who is very funny, intelligent and charming.

If you would like to watch white collar cnline click here!

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