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    Hey White Collar fans! If anyone is even mildly a True Blood watcher, you've heard of Joe Manganiello. The resident werewolf hottie of True Blood will be coming to your show this January! EW reports that Joe Manganiello will be playing an uncharacteristic baddie: "a recently released ex con, who brings trouble to the Burke neighborhood when he moves in across the street from Peter and Elizabeth."

    Not that White Collar needs more eye candy on the show- Matt Bomer springs to mind- but anyone who looks that good and stirs up some drama can't be a bad thing right? Are you excited for this werewolf's stint on White Collar?

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    Could there be a crossover between White Collar and Covert Affairs, the two popular USA summer shows? Apparently, there could! The two stars of the hit summer series, Matt Bomer and Piper Perabo expressed interest, according to Digital Spy:

    "I keep trying to get them to write a crossover!" said Perabo, who stars as CIA agent Annie Walker on Covert Affairs. "It's going to happen," insisted White Collar's Bomer, who plays Neal Caffrey.

    Considering how both revolve around the spy genre, perhaps it's not such a strange idea...Neal Caffrey and Annie Walker would make a stellar team! Both shows will premiere tomorrow on USA at 8/9c and 9/10c so be sure to catch them!

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    Casting Scoop

    May 31, 2011 by Kate.moon

    As you know, White Collar will be premiering its third season next week! In July, this popular show will have a special guest star: Brady Smith...who just happens to be the husband of the series regular, Tiffani Thiessen!

    TV Line reports that Smith will be playing "an ex-Navy commander and COO of a Blackwater-type private security company who has a connection to the valiant FBI agent’s past."

    Sounds mysterious! Meanwhile, White Collar has also Lena Headey, of Game of Thrones fame as a cyber hacker, according to TV Guide

    Are you excited for these guest stars? Can't wait for the third season? Tell us in the comments!

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