Zev Demetrius
Alias(es) Zev
Gender Male
Profession Thief
Status Incarcerated

Portrayed By Robert Funaro
First Appearance One Last Stakeout
Last Appearance One Last Stakeout
Episode Count 1 Episode
Images of Zev

Zev Demetrius is a thief most famous for taking jobs of other fellow criminals shortly before the other is planning their job. Zev ended up on Mozzie's literal enemy list after pulling off a diamond heist.

Character ProfileEdit

Neal and Mozzie were able to use Zev's famous prior actions against him, making him believe that Neal was going to steal a painting in the museum where the Mozzaic Codex was kept. While Zev got away with  the most valuable painting in the museum, Neal escaped with chapter 13 of the Mossaic Codex, which he later gave to the Dutchman. Zev was later arrested in a bar while playing billiards and Mozzie crossed Zev off of his enemy list while in a corner booth.

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